All About Me

Hmm, let’s see…

I am a storyteller, teacher, wife, mother, weight trainer, unenthusiastic cyclist, and avid, unapologetic believer in the power of meditation. Those are the constants. Everything else is subject to change. Some days I am a seed and others a tree. When I am feeling magnificently abundant, I am a rain forest. Occasionally, I fancy myself a unicorn, which isn’t true. I was born a bull, but given enough dazzle anything is possible.

I did mention the storytelling. I published my debut novel, Catching the Westbound, three years ago. My second novel, Moonshine, is scheduled to be released later this summer. I believe every story is a journey, and the purpose of this blog is recount my own journey.



  1. Has it been three years… Waiting for the moonshine. Will it be the harvest moon with the toils of souls of Appalachia seeking redemption, or moonshine the scourge of the mountain men who maintain the stills. I’ll just have to wait… Please keep me on your mailing list


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